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Blog, noun, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary is a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, experiences, links and/or photographs provided by the writer (or group of writers). In short, it is where one can endlessly talk about I, me and myself…a healthy dose of “self” which would run counter to spiritual teaching of forgetting self. Now, that would be my dilemma but it is a different topic I would talk about some other time.

My subject matter for today is about why I blog, how I find blogging experience so far and the primary reason I am writing this story: to talk about my newfound friends in the bubble world of blogging.

So, why I blog? Simple, really. Blogging is the only way you can write and publish without much cost except your passion and time. I have to confess I am a tech-dummy and do not know much how to take advantage of the various social media that are available virtually. In the past, I only used Facebook because I like how convenient it is for me to create a one-stop shop for my reading hobby…and my penchant to fence words in comment forums when something catches my attention.

How do I find the blogging experience so far? F-U-N. I said this before and I am saying it again. Writing alone makes me happy. It is a sort of therapy that gives me clarity. I like it the most when I feel how the ideas flow from my brain to my fingertips. But to be read by somebody else!? Now, that is the icing in the cake. The best compliment that a writer could ever receive. For me, it does not count if I am read by one or many…although, of course, the “many-er (pun intended), the merrier”.

Well, so I am pleasantly surprise that aside from that, blogging also paves the way for me to find new friends. See, I am actually an introvert (oh yeah, I could cope up nicely socializing but the whole time I will be wishing I am out of that room) and I am not much into making friends. Wherever I happen to live, whether in the city or the countryside, trust me not to know a neighbor. My sisters and cousins take care of that part, mostly. And since I barely talk with people I am not comfortable with, they also cover pretty much the conversation. If there are visitors in the house, I usually just duck my head and go straight to the pharmacy where I work and hide there. Or I stay in my workroom.

But, in the blogging world, a newbie like me has to find a way to promote my works (because that is how it works – you cannot be blogging without going out of your way to market your goddamn useless thoughts and opinions lol). Hence, we are oftentimes advised by pros (thanks to Lois of The Sole Sisters who never hesitated to give me a tip when I reached out to her) to join various bloggers communities. And that is where I ended up meeting these lovely people…

Roel Umali Hernandez of https://uglywriters.com. The SWEETEST guy in the whole-wide blogging world I ever met. He is always ready to help anyone who ever asks any question, be it technical or promotional issue. I bumped into him several times in the comment section and we always have a short, nice exchange. Then one day, I read that TUW are accepting contributions or guest posts. I threw him one of my works, he OKayed and I submitted it. After 2 publications, he asked me if I would like to be a regular contributor. I did not hesitate to say yes. Why not? TUW has a good following of which I do not have (heck, I do not have the time to exchange like for likes and then get stressed out about some tricks of few bloggers who think this is a popularity contest). Again, few write-ups later, he asked if I want to be an author at The Ugly Writers. I said: “I am ugly so that makes me qualified for that so, yes.”

Roel is the type of guy you would like to have for a buddy. He checks your website, read your stuff and provide inputs on how to improve it. If you are a tech-dummy like myself, he would be happy to either walk you through technical issues or do it for you. Isn’t he an angel? What’s more, he goes out of his way to promote your works and yes, nominate you to those blogging awards. Sometimes, I think he even works harder for Harping By A Pixie than me. I could really blab about his kindness and awesomeness to cover the whole page except I still have other friends to introduce to you.

Next is Karla Mae Cruzado of The Wise Lark. I got to know her because she was the lucky girl who got randomly picked for the Bloggers Community Hotseat. The members were encouraged to like/follow/read/share (the works) her page. I participated and then got to chat with her in the thread. And yeah, we become fast friends. (Ha! That is the secret of introverted people…we can make friends when we put an effort to it.) Karla, the wise lark, I gathered was a former med student at UP-Diliman (her prep was BS Biology). She quit this calling due to health problem – the story of which you can read about at https://thewiselark.karlacruzado.com. She is an overthinker and an early riser, hence, the “wise lark” because larks are early birds. Her works focus mostly about encouragement, inspiration and learning. Do check her website.

Karla, when I first chatted with her, would address me with “po” (a Filipino word showing respect to either an elder or a superior or generally, we used that to show respect to a stranger). And I playfully remarked: “Oh I like this kid! She is so respectful. You might want to call me granny as well.” Anyway, when the Bloggers Community Cluster Activity (a participating blogger should put his/her blog entry along with 3 friends) came, Karla picked me as one of her “friends”. Lovely. Because I have no time to check the thread to look for friends so I was thankful she did pick me.

Anyway, I was not the only blogger who has trouble finding “friends from the same niche”…that was the same dilemma of Crisly Zerrudo. She posted a comment on the thread then got volunteers: Karla/The Wise Lark was the first to answer. Seeing Karla there, I also volunteered. Seeing Karla and me there, Roel volunteered. And so that is how we all got in under the “Inspirational, Motivation, Empowering and Uplifting” niche.

Crisly created her website in order to deal with her pains (oh yeah, it is the common denominator for the 4 of us – we needed a channel for the thoughts and ideas we cannot talk about, lol) after her divorce and later, after she lost her baby. Going through a lot inspired her to create https://crislyxyz.wordpress.com geared at empowering and uplifting souls who are facing different challenges in their lives. Her story of losing her baby was what touched my heart the most. I mean, a heartbreak from losing a partner or boyfriend could be painful, but losing your own blood who embodied your hopes and dreams is just beyond the grasp of my comprehension. But the fact that she chose to face and embrace the sorrow by uplifting other people from theirs’ is another testimony that humanity still exists.

Oh, and thanks to Roel, he picked me under a different niche “Creative Writing” along with two friends which I am going to talk about now.

Karen Kaye Lastimosa of www.dancingmorphemes.weebly.com. She is a teacher, law student, frustrated writer, book lover and a lifetime learner. She writes prose, poems and book reviews. Quite a reader. She said books were her family as a kid. Oh well, sweetie, you are not quite alone in that category. I used to hide behind books as well. It is a fascinating world you see. You get to travel forward and back in time without spending a single cent.

And last but not the least, Anant of www.evolvingperceptions.in. He dabbles with different stories from inspirational to giving tips on how to improve your blog traffic. He received several awards as blogger.

And by that I need to point out that all these bloggers: Roel, Karla, Crisly, Kaye and Anant already earned their bragging rights as each of them has blogging award(s) to talk about. As to Harping By A Pixie, I got, of course, zero, zilch, nada, nothing, nil…but as I said to Roel, when he once mentioned about nominating my page: “I am happy where I am at right now…all things will only come as icing to the cake.”



4 thoughts on “Pixie & Friends…

  1. Thank you for this marrisse! 🙂 I’m touched with what you said about me. 🙂 ❤ You are one of the people who make blogging fun and interesting! I love your writing, I enjoy reading your posts!

    I just want to clarify: I finshed BS Biology in UP Diliman, it's Medicine that I did not finish from UP Manila 🙂

    Thank you sooo much! See you around the blogging wordl!


    1. Updated based on info…sorry but sometimes my fingers typed faster than my brain could churn out the words. Lol! Of course, med would require a prep degree. My nephew is in UP likewise and, like you, wants to be a surgeon.


  2. What a great story. I think in fairness you do have an award though. You have many loyal readers, which has to count for something!

    As always, loved your post and sharing it with the universe!


    1. Uhm and if I happen to check my list of blessings I am certain I will find there “Scott Andersen who tirelessly share my works” ahahahaha. Thanks as always, appreciate it. 🙂


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