Happy Fool


Sane people laugh at fools because, why not, they do look and act like they are out of their minds. Yet, have we ever ask ourselves if fools also think we are the ones who are suffering from insanity?

Oh, do not raise that eyebrows of yours. We are insane – madder than any fool. We consider ourselves smart but we allow people and society to wrap us around their little fingers. At least, mad people do not play by rules — or by the standard set by the society. So, laugh we can — nonetheless, in the eyes of someone who is free from discrimination, we are crazier than the crazy. Lunatics who are aware of the illusion and yet, have chosen to continue with delusion.

Oh, well. Carry on, carry on. Let us pretend life is nothing but a great play. We each have a role to play — and we have chosen to play the fools.

Light and love everyone. Live. Laugh. Love. Life is short for anything else.


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