Suicidal Thoughts


The thoughts in this poem were drawn heavily from an article I wrote

In our darkest hour, we tend to see death as the ultimate solution either to end our suffering or to escape from it. Yet, we do not really know what is on the other side, do we? Hence, the questions…if we know that suicide will not end our pain or misery, would we still be willing to end our life? If we know that this life is a test meant to challenge us to let us grow into beautiful souls, would we still refuse it? If, by dying, we will only be sent back to face the same story, would we still choose to escape rather than face the music and dance with the tune now?

Do not, for a minute, think that such dark thoughts never entered my mind — or that I had it easy in life. Life and living is like a game — we are given different levels to play according to our level of proficiency.



17 thoughts on “Suicidal Thoughts

      1. I was in that frame of mind every time life overwhelmed me in the past — before I find the path where I am now. And interestingly, the dark thoughts happened even at the time I was financially doing okay.

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      2. And it could happen even to the sanest (according to society definition of sanity) ones. How so many mental illness become prevalent these days is mind-boggling to me and I have to admit sometimes I wonder if that is another money-making avenue for enterprising people — the same way as cancer treatment. Maybe it is just my queer imagination but I have mistrust to conventional treatment.

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  1. Dance to the tune of life or dance with the devil? Interesting post. I have contemplated suicide at times, but realised that it’s life as it is that I didn’t like, not life as a whole. So I change life as it is. I guess we all go to that place sometimes? I feel for someone who can’t see beyond that, it must be a terrible place to be. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, hope it’s a comfort to some. 🙂


    1. Many people go to that dark place yes but once we learn how to surf the waves of life then we change. We understand all of it largely depend on our perspective and attitude. I met people who are undergoing challenges in life and that is the reason I got to writing about death stuff — I wanted to tackle it from a different angle. Many articles deal about how to provide moral support to sufferers. But what if there is no one around? It would be better if the person him/herself understand why he/she has been given a difficult card.

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  2. Life, is nothing but a series of little clicks l feel, a myriad of what ifs, maybe’s and you thinks? And yes of course life is nothing but a game awaiting a strategy laden with tactics of thought that we collect along our way of living. Nice writing.


    1. Thanks for dropping by. The myriad of what ifs, maybes and you/I thinks gives us a pause to reconsider our decisions or choices. And sometimes, a pause is all we need. Yet, some other times, no thought at all is a good place to be also.

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    1. I have no recollection of being dead and so I cannot tell you for sure. However, I read that our deeper personality goes on after the body. If the pain is physical then, yes, maybe it will end by discarding the body. If not, then maybe we will carry it on the other side. Too, I read that all pains rooted from our fear. Is your pain physical? Are you sick? Only tell me if you don’t mind…otherwise forget I asked 😊


  3. We should never give up even when it seems better than today’s misery. Suicide doesn’t help anyone. It only passes your pain to the ones who love you.

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  4. The thoughts in this poem were drawn from my spiritual study especially of the works by World Teacher Adi Da Samraj. I have an essay as well that echoes the same thoughts where the words of the said Guru were quoted. Actually I tackle death in several posts and I still have 2 or 3 more that will be published once I am back in blogging. Death is one of my favorite subjects.


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