Gratitude to 2017


A new year signals new beginning — it is like we are given another chance to start all over with hope fresh in our hearts. Perhaps, that is the reason why people tend to write reflective thoughts or resolutions at this time. Well, I am long done with New Year’s resolutions. Why bother to promise myself something that I will not keep anyway?

But I would like to count my blessings and remember the things I am grateful for in 2017.

1) My soul sisters

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I have been enjoying their company for two decades now — I have been living with them for a full decade in this little coastal town. Truth be told, despite our love for each other and our common interest for travel and adventure, just like any relationship, ours had not always been a bed of roses. Two Leos and two Virgos under one roof. One that thinks she is always right and the other that thinks she knows everything. Put that personalities in one house and you can guess that clashes will be a common occurrence.

Still, the love must have been greater for we are still all living in one roof and venturing in businesses together. What’s more, for the last one year and a half, something has changed for the better – we become more tolerant of each other – more accepting of everyone’s flaw, more appreciative of each other’s goodness.

I will chalk it out to God’s grace and our own maturity. I have been through a lot (more happy, crazy times, yes, than bad times) with them and surely cannot imagine a life apart from them.

2) The long years blessed by God and Life to my folks

I have, in my adult life, many trying times with them especially when I am the one who needed to be the adult in the family instead of the other way around. Keeping things together, including my sanity, is not a walk in the park.

Yet, I remembered many golden memories from my childhood when I was showered with love and care — when I displayed fantastic tantrums and they put up with it — when they both doted on my needs. Hence, when they show their imperfect side, I hold on to those happy thoughts and carry on.


3) The siblings

I am one of the lucky few who have great rapport with all the siblings. Of course that is largely because of the fact that everyone thinks I am the boss even if I am not the eldest. One does not become a boss by doing nothing; that I can assure you. The road there was a heck of a challenge but, I believe, I passed with enough grace.

4) The Friends

Mostly, I am a loner (a trait that my siblings and soul sisters have come to accept) but I have a knack for making friends without trying.


I found friends in any workplace, in my spiritual path, in the blogosphere — in actual and virtual worlds, I have people I am comfortable with. Now, let me not name names because I might forget to mention a few and that would be the end of my friendship with them. Lol! Nonetheless, YOU do know if you are one of those special people that bring smile to my face.

Let me say this: I AM GRATEFUL YOU COME INTO MY LIFE — your company, your conversation, your friendship are the best gifts of which I thank God and Life every day. You definitely brought the sunshine into my existence.

5) The luck and opportunities


My journey was far from easy but, I have to admit, that by God’s grace, I always find luck, opportunity and a helping hand along the way. Maybe it is my general attitude towards life that despite challenging circumstances, in the end, things always work out. I never think I could lose — it is either I win or I learn. I could not count regrets in life — not even the mistakes I committed. Because, out of those mistakes, I learned priceless lessons that mold me into a better person.

6) The life itself

Life is the ultimate university that offers the widest possibility for learning and growth. Each day is a gift – an opportunity to know, to feel, to love, to be happy, to behold the beauty that is around us and in every human we meet. Being in a difficult situation only sharpens our capability to adapt, to be creative. So, when living is a bit rough and testy, remember that life is a wheel — eventually, it will turn and the current of tide will change.



14 thoughts on “Gratitude to 2017

    1. I am travelling in Korea right now. If it is still open until next month, yes I would love to participate. I like supporting any activity initiated by fellow writer/blogger. But I only have my mobile with me and I still do not know how to do blogging in WordPress via phone. Mostly I only check here my notifs and do some reading whenever I could while on the road. Let me know if it is open till Feb — I will be home by then.

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      1. Hey Marisse 🙂

        Thanks for getting back to me, of course it’s going to be open, you know how many bloggers there are in WordPress ha ha 🙂

        It will still be here, so complete when you can – Korea how lovely – have a great time 🙂

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    1. My gratitude for thinking of me — your appreciation of my work is more than enough award for me. I am still travelling and hence, not quite active in blogging. I will be back next month. Thanks a million again 😘😍

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