HONESTY is synonymous to INTEGRITY which, according to Mr. Google, is adherence to moral and ethical principles or soundness of moral character.

In a world of scarcity and competition where people are so focused with the most important character in their lives – the I, me and myself persona – does this noble quality still survive? In a world where we need to fit in, most of the times — where trying to be true to our core means divergence and stupidity while conformity is a standard being uphold by society as normal — people, oftentimes, sacrificed integrity in order to get ahead in life. Survival of the fittest. Do anything and everything to stay in the race regardless whether we are losing ourselves in the process. Sad maybe, but that is a fact. I do not need to cite to you examples; just read or watch the news and you will find there a wealth of stories where ordinary persons as well as leaders sacrificed integrity and humanity for greed.

Still, I have to submit that many people are capable of being honest and maintain their credibility even amidst tempting opportunities — but that is where material things are at stake.

However, when it is our feelings that we need to be honest about — when it is our feelings that is at stake —, many of us failed to be completely true to ourselves. Many times, we shield ourselves from getting hurt and so, instead of being vulnerable, we try hard to hide what is truly in our hearts. In the end, we suffer just the same. We may save our pride – our dear self – from being wounded; yet, we will never save our hearts from being broken. We get brokenhearted all the time — sometimes, by other people; and sometimes, by our own doing.

This is an entry to https://www.nitinnairwrites.com/ writing activity called TRAIN OF THOUGHTS in which the week’s theme is about HONESTY. Should you like to join, please read the guidelines here https://www.nitinnairwrites.com/2018/01/21/honesty-train-of-thoughts-week-08/.

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