My Apology To People Who Visit My Site

Hello, folks! I wish to express my apology to fellow bloggers and writers who visit my site. I cannot check out and read your posts nor return your comments and likes at this time.

My dad got sick and hospitalized early this February. There was vacancy for caregiver and so, I applied. I thought it would be a lovely opportunity to learn new skills. 😂 The job is not easy I found out — still, in life, there is no suffering — any difficulty we are going through is all part of learning.

That said, may I ask to bear with me? I will read your posts and check out your respective sites as soon as my life is back to normal. I do hope that would happen sooner than later.

My gratitude and appreciation for dropping by, sharing your thoughts and liking my articles. I will return the gesture but it might take a while.

In the meantime, light and love — be happy as life is too short for anything else. #livelaughlove #lifeisagift

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