The Goal Isn’t Perfection


To seek perfection is to seek madness. No matter how much we want to believe that someone’s life is better than ours – or happier – or less problematic – that is not just true. To look with envy or jealousy towards the lot of another person is a sure way of creating our own mental turmoil.


Understand that life is a play – a game. Everyone is a player playing in a level that is appropriate for him or her as decided by the Consciousness. The level we play, the role given to us, is right for us. And, whether we believe it or not, we are fully equipped to hurdle the obstacles (or opportunities) we meet. Every single one of them. Regardless if it appears conquerable or unconquerable to us at that particular moment. We can deal with all of them. No question about it. Just a matter of perspective.

Ahhh. This is the kind of reasoning that most people do not like to hear.

But, think…


What is the point of giving us a challenge to work on without giving us the ammunition to rise above it? Life is intelligent. If it has created (the perspective of creation or non-creation is debatable, I know, but for the simplicity of discussion, pray allow it just for today) the world and the humans in it, would it create a bunch of losers, cowards and whiners? Come on. Give life more credit. After all, it has given us the gift of breath that is functioning perfectly without us having to think of it.


Who creates the problem? Is it life? Or is it us? 99.99% of the time, our misery is of our own making. Why? Because we, humans, cannot function normal without problem. Hence, when we do not have any problem, we conveniently create one. It seems to me that we are not happy if we do not have anything to complain about.

Whether we believe it or not, life is really simple. We live it the best way we know how. However, we should understand that our purpose is not to have a perfect life – an existence that is worry-free is a myth. It will never happen.



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