Be The World, But Not Of It


“Anything and anyone that makes you happy will make you sad one day. In life, that is an absolute certainty. So, wear the world like  a loose garment. Be in it, but not of it.” ~The Wicce-Fae~

Wise men often say that if we want to live a life of complete freedom, we have to let go as soon as we find that someone or something we love or like the most. A paradox, yes? It is; but, it is also very true.

It is a common tendency for us to try to possess what we love or covet – be it a thing or a person. Therefore, whatever we love or covet to have is certain to bring us happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Along with that happiness and temporary fulfillment, we also procure a potential source of sorrow and disappointment. Isn’t it so?


It is the way of life. Whatever we have, we will lose. One way or the other. And so with happiness comes unhappiness.


What to do then?

Let go, of course. And by letting go, it does not mean we have to say goodbye as soon as we find it. What it means is that we have to remember to love and cherish the person and the thing for as long as we have them – we enjoy them every minute of every day – but without possessing them. It does not mean being detached. It means remembering that they are gifts loaned to us – and when the day comes that they need to be released or returned, we should have the grace to accept the fact and let go without grudge.


We have to understand that it is how life works. Either they leave us or we leave them. We cannot avoid what is inevitable. We cannot even avoid the possibility of pain. What we can only spare ourselves is the magnitude of pain by having the proper understanding and the willingness to accept and surrender.

Wear the world like a loose garment. Be in it but not of it. Because we are only here as visitors. Someday soon, the world will still be here – but we won’t be.


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