Life Is A Tesseract of Truth


Do you have an endless internal battle between what is right and what is wrong?

The concept of right and wrong – – – how we view certain situations, decisions, ideas, traditions, things or people – – – differs, I believe, from person to person.

Charles Addams, American cartoonist famous for The Addams Family, said this about normalcy:

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

I would like to say that the same logic can be applied to right-and-wrong. What may appear “wrong” to our perception may be “right” to someone else’s.


War and peace. A duality. Our cultural conditioning tells us that peace is only achieved through war. Is that right? Is that true? You may answer yes. You might answer no. Depends which side you will take — the people who push for war for economic reasons or the people who are against it. Depends also if you are directly (if that war or conflict is getting in the way you are living your own life) or indirectly affected by such war. War, from the point of view of George Orwell, is simply a means to destroy (putting everything to naught) in order to feed the cycle of rebuilding (creating demand for resources thus pushing industries to grind, ergo, economic reason).

Take out war and at some point people will all be living comfortably. That would be bad for the rich people who are profiting from destruction. Hence, there should be war in order to achieve peace. Who’s peace? Not ours, I suppose.

Just by taking war and peace as example – – – and by stepping back and viewing it from a larger view – – – we can see that even our own lives are founded on a myth. The myth that peace is only possible through war.

Now, take poverty. I was culturally raised that a person’s success lies in his or her own hands. That one has a choice to stay poor or not. With the right decisions in life, one can break free from the bondage of poverty.

But, poverty – that social status divide – is a social construct. If people are all living equally, who would work for anyone? Who would do the “dirty work”?

People, by nature, are divided into two groups – – – those who want to lead and those who want to follow. Fiefdom exists in every generation; only its form and name change but the essence is the same: control.

Given the resources of the world, poverty can be erased if people apply the principle of interdependence by helping the needy in a sustainable manner. However, people who live in poverty and ignorance are easier to manipulate than educated and comfortable populace.


Creating fear results in needs. Needs create demand. Demand creates supply. In order to create supplies, there must be industries. Industries, to move, ​need people who are willing to do the hard work in exchange for small money. Ergo, back to poor people.

Imagine if we stop needing it? Naaaahhhh. I am only a dreamer.

So, let us go back to right and wrong…

We will always insist that there are just right and wrong. However, in reality, we maintain duplicity in this department. And our principle of right and wrong is largely based on the acceptance of the majority of such right and wrong – – – and whether its acceptance is directly or indirectly affecting our own very lives.

Why do we eat some animals and not the others? Why are a lot of cries heard over abuse towards dogs and cats but not so many give a hoot about whales, cows, pigs and the like? Why the church cries foul when the government commit atrocities but kept mum when its own line commit rape? We can go on and on but, I suppose, you get my point.​

If we care about one, we should care about all the rest. That is the right thing. Straight. No exception.

If we care about some, but do not care about the rest, that is selective and convenient application of truth. Duplicity.

However – – –

In reality, our life is a tesseract of truth. A tesseract is a cube within a cube – – – a sixteen sided geometric figure.


We are inside that sixteen-sided tesseract. At any one time, we do not have a 360° view of the whole cube. Therefore, each one of us only behold part or parts of that tesseract in varying degrees – but never ever the whole.

Life, beautiful souls, is but a stage according to Shakespeare. Each of us has a role to play. There are heroes and there are villains. There must be bad in order to highlight the good. But, in the end, all are one and everything else is perception.

There is only ONE TRUTH in life – – – LOVE. By that, I meant Universal Love. If everything we do is guided by love, how can evil exist?

But that is just me and my wishful thinking. I am not perfect either. I am just one of you. A pixie inside that tesseract trying to find a way out.

As always, you are free to express your thoughts  – – – agree or disagree, pick your choice. Just remember these things:

1) We can always agree to disagree. Certainly, I cannot impose my view on you; in the same manner, you cannot impose yours on me.

2) There is nothing wrong in keeping an open mind. You have pretty gray cells. Use that to deliberate and consider matters.

3) Stop asking for proof for even history is no fool-proof proof. Instead, search your own truth within. Think critically. Wisdom, not only kindness, is innate in every person. But like the knife, it has to be sharpened consistently for only practice makes perfect.

Until next…and from my pixie heart to yours, here is a wish that you wake up every single morning with a smile in your face and gratitude in your heart for, truly, life is a gift.


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