The Lotus Is You


The lotus thrives where there is dirt. It blooms – uncontaminated by the ugliness and desolation where it grows. Doesn’t that amaze you?

Plants are healthier when fertilized with manure or compost made from decay. Isn’t that a contradiction?

Life is a reflection of life itself. The lotus and us could be two of a kind. Our tribulations are the muddy water. Ostensibly, it looks like a poison that might kill our spirit. In truth, it is necessary to polish our courage and strength – – – the manure that nurtures us to grow.


Only in suffering can love grow – – – only in suffering can we learn compassion. We would not understand a thing we never experience.

This world is how we make it. If we want it to be loving, we will persist to love no matter what. No matter if we are served with kindness or unkindness, we will choose to keep our hearts open – ready to receive whatever life has to offer.

If we want it cold, we can practice indifference. Now, indifference is a good armor – – – until we are on its receiving end. Then we will understand that there is something worse than unkindness.

People, in most cases, respond positively to warmth – – – even the grinch kinds. Would it kill to care just a bit?

Sometimes I pause in my writing reminded of Khaleesi’s (a.k.a. Daenerys of the House of Targaryen, breaker of chains and mother of dragons) wisdom that “words are wind.” My writing won’t mean shit if I don’t try to practice it.

I try to reach out when friends are going through tough times to offer my ears (one time or another, I had theirs). I offer no wisdom. Or help. Just some warmth to let them know I think of them. Sometimes it is accepted. Sometimes it is rejected.


The world is round…and the hands of time move. There are moments we are high up there; other moments we are at the bottom eating dust.


When we are in a better place, let us remember the people who are down. The joy of one is the joy of all.

When we are in a worse place, let us remember that the lotus blooms amidst muddy water.

Light, love and one thousand and one hugs from me to you.

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