Why Do We Have To Be Selfish?

“Every human being is an end in himself; not the means to the ends or the welfare of others – and therefore that man must live for his own sake; neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself.” ~Ayn Rand~


Life is sacrifice. To live is to suffer.

Do we really want to believe this line of story? Who would want to live 75 or 80 years of suffering? Who would want to, wholeheartedly, become anybody’s Shmoo (the cartoon creature created by Al Capp who are delicious to eat and eager to be eaten that it will jump to its own death to turn itself into human food) willingly immolating his or her existence for the sustenance of another?

Awww, come on. Get real.

See, there is a better, happier way to live life IF we are willing to make it so. It really is pretty simple. Just make it better. Just make it happier.


Let us begin with the self and the way we perceive circumstances and act on them.

Start by asking:

Do I want to live my life as Shmoo?”

“Did the Universe ask me to live my life in sacrifice? Was it the society that asked it from me? Was it myself who gave away my power to choose and decide by favoring conformity in exchange for acceptance?”

There IS freedom in living. We have the FREE WILL to choose to be a Shmoo or not. That decision lies in our hands.

We owe it to ourselves to supply our own soul with happiness, peace and sustenance. Not by assigning this or passing it on as a burden to someone else. Not by taking it from others at their expense. Our life, our responsibility. Not somebody else’s.


Jiddu Krishnamurti framed it this way: “I am not my brother’s keeper.”

Well, neither our brother or sister or partner or spouse or friend or whoever is our keeper. That is the other side of the coin.

We give from the seat of abundance. We give because we deserve to be a giver. Not for recognition. Not for virtue. We give because we have more than what we need.


By doing so, we will allow grace to flow because we are giving or sharing with joy. No strings attached.

See, sometimes (or, should I say, most of the time?), we give because we feel it is our duty to do so. Now, if we give for the sake of duty, our giving is laced with pain and without love (for duty ISN’T love).

Sometimes, we give because the family or the society at large expects us to do so. Such giving is tainted with conflict of interest or unwholesomeness as we put into consideration the respectability of our own image.

Any act of giving that carries with it something other than love and joy (an act of giving that is not moved by the heart) isn’t giving at all. And better withheld.

Why? Because it will carry with it a negative energy that will compel the receiver to either receive it as a debt of gratitude or receive it with shame and guilt.

Do not deprive the self for the sake of another if such feels as deprivation or sacrifice. If the giving is causing us pain, if the giving leaves us feeling bad or disadvantaged, if the giving feels even at slightest a sacrifice, don’t.

Because if we do so, like it or not, aware or not, either contempt or pity will be present. Contempt or pity for the inability of another person to take full responsibility for his or her own life. Do we like to be the receiver of such gifts? I don’t think so.

Learn to put value to ourselves first in order for us to be able to value another human. And remember that it is alright to NOT make all people happy all the time. Definitely, not at the expense of our own soul.


The Universe never asks us to sacrifice; it asks us to be loving and joyful because only love and joy can multiply itself.

Love, light and a thousand and one hugs from me to you.


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