I Am Enough. I Have Enough.



Do you know how powerful – – – how liberating – – – how extraordinary it is to feel that way? To feel that we are actually enough? To feel that we have actually enough?

In our physical and material world, our environment constantly bombards us with the sense of lack – – – incessantly insisting that we are lacking in one way or another. We have been conditioned every moment of our lives to have that sense of discontent. We have been oriented to need moreto want more – to achieve more.

If we are wired that way – if we let ourselves buy into that myth of lack – then contentment will always be beyond our grasp. And without that sense of fulfilment, there won’t be peace and joy in our heart.


The Covid crisis – despite the general disruption and the chaos it brought and still bringing in our existence – has its special blessing (if only we will all try to see it that way). See, with nowhere to go, cooped up inside our homes, we are given the opportunity to reexamine our lives – the way we are living it and the people and places where we place our priorities.

To me, personally, several circumstances during these passing months forced me to turn inwardly – into quiet introspection. I simply detached myself from people and allowed myself to deal with my own thoughts. Relax into “aloneness” that, at times, can come with some pain.

The moon and the stars in the night sky have been my faithful companions to this day. I found out they are good companies. They let me be. They never tire of eavesdropping to my quiet soliloquy, to my questions. Regardless if I seemed to be turning in circles on different occasions. Or if I sound like a broken record. They allow me to be me. Unlike people, they simply accept without judging…or misunderstanding.


There is something funny about being out in the open sky alone even for brief moments. Funny because I don’t feel alone at all. Nor lonely. There is a feeling of oneness with the Universe. A sort of unseen arms holding my soul together. A sort of surrendering that allows me to breathe and lighten up. And I come down happy, content and grateful.

I dunno if it was the exposure to those eclipses or the peace that the night sky bestows upon my soul. However, one day, I came upon the realization that there is nothing I can do in life but to simply and actually flow with it. Surrender and accept whatever circumstance comes my way. And own it as if they were choices I made.


I know I talked about this stuff philosophically. My mind can grasp it at an intellectual level. I did subscribe to it, believe in it. Yet, to actually do it – to actually live what we believe in is a whole different matter.

Liberating. That is the simplest way to put it.

With that surrender, with that acceptance, comes acknowledgment and recognition of all the blessings and gifts that are already in my hands provided by the Divine.

With that recognition, gratitude flows inside me and through me.

With that gratitude, the feeling of abundance, stability and freedom take root. I have enough. More than enough. Beyond what I need. Beyond what I deserve. All given by God through Its Loving Mercy and Grace.

With that sense of having enough comes the realization that I AM ENOUGH. I belong here. I have my own place in the place of things. And I deserve that.


Love, light and a thousand and one hugs from me to you.

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