Life: Benediction Or Curse?

IS LIFE AN INCONVENIENCE? Or is it a benediction? Is this consideration only common to man? Or do other living things suffer this kind of question?


A friend of mine died. He had probably no plan or wish of leaving this realm, yet. At least that is how I believe. After all, he was a happy family man. He had many friends. I wonder. In death, does he appreciate more his time in this world? Would he go back quick and eager if there is a chance to? Or would he prefer to join the alone in perpetual serenity?

A different friend of mine tried to kill himself. He has a death wish. Believing that his dying will reward him the inner peace he is longing for while not causing anybody to suffer. Yet, how could he be certain of it? How could he possibly know that torment will not follow his soul? And what would he feel if he saw from the “place of the placeless” that there are people who will grieve over his passing away? Would his soul suffer remorse and wish he could turn back the time?


Existence is a funny and ironic business, don’t you think so? People who do not want nor need children keep having more children – sprouting like mushrooms. People who want and need even just one child have to go great lengths using science and prayers but still remain barren. People who aren’t looking for death meet death. People who are wishing for death remain alive.

Absurd, you might say. Yet – – –

Is it life? Or, is it us?


Now, WHAT IF we drop all judgments regardless if such judgments are for or against life and just live it like a Stoic?

WHAT IF we drop all our pretenses to fit in into the insane society and just live life any way we want it (albeit using the principle of least harm as we do reap what we sow anyway)?

WHAT IF we stop needing the “things” that the society dictates we ought to have to be considered a worthy member?

WHAT IF we forget turning life into the kind of concept we think it to be and should be? And just follow the way of the plants or birds? Rise up in the morning to greet the sun and say adieu when dusk comes.

Maybe – just maybe – life isn’t the problem but us. Perhaps, it is not absurd. Rather, it is us that create the illusion of absurdity. Couldn’t it be?


Probably, our curse is that we take life so seriously. We take it too seriously that we take everything as personal to us. We think all “bad” things are being directed our way while the next person is having the time of his or her life – having it easier than us. Is it really true? How do we know for sure?

I heard a mystic say that each of us has a choice to either ride life or feel trapped in it. That is not for God to decide. That is for us to decide, see and realize that God provided us everything we need. Except that we have forgotten that the next person is just us in different form and shape. If we can remember that simple thing, then we will be enlightened that LIFE is INDEED a GIFT.


2 thoughts on “Life: Benediction Or Curse?

    1. In the world of duality, “both” is the right answer. However, I would like to think that it is a benediction for even the sight of the sun is enough reason for one to want to live.


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