New Moon In Aries: Time For Self-Reflection

There is no singular agreement as to when the new astrological age (astrological age occurs due to real motion of Earth called precession; a cycle of precession lasts 25,800 years divided by 12 zodiac constellations; therefore, a new astrological age happens every 2,150 years roughly), Age of Aquarius, actually begun or will begin. Some say it started in the 20th century, others say it will occur in 24th century. while the popular opinion appears to be February 2021. Well, I am no expert of this matter. I only pointed out this little trivia since the new moon this month falls in Aries, the first of the 12 zodiac signs; ergo, the start of new astrological year – and so, in my mind, the Age of Aquarius “officially” kicks in tonight (i.e., new astrological age in new astrological year).

I was moved to write something about the new moon primarily because I seem to notice a certain kind of energy around this time for the last few months. I am not certain if it has always been like this; or, if I just become more aware of what is going on in my body. It might sound weird to you – probably crazy – and I will not blame you for that. It sounded kind of new-agey (and preposterous) even in my own ears.

But — facts:

The moon slows down the Earth’s rotation and, thus, affects the length of day. It can pull the ocean towards it. It affects the wind, the weather and the season – not to mention that it provides light by reflecting the sun. I am simply saying that its energy influences our life in a huge way.

The science community also said that all living and non-living things carry the God Particle or Higgs boson – that is to say that we share a common “gene” with the moon.


One day I remarked this to my friend, Brenda Stevens, who is a Reiki master mainly because I want to confirm if I am the only one experiencing it (which means that maybe it is just in my head, lol!); or, if it is something that other people experienced, too. She explained that it is natural around the time of the new moon. The body is sending a message to do self-reflection – to examine our life a bit more closely – so that we may be able to release negative energies or blockages or thought patterns or habits that are no longer serving us. It is an invitation to clean the mess within and make space for new beginnings.


With this kind of understanding, I am able to ground myself through meditation and able to shift the energy. Hence, when the new moon comes around this time, I am more prepared and shift the energy with ease.

According to Jaggi Vasudev, popularly known as Sadghuru, the new moon is a good time for Sadhana.


Going back…

The new moon is the best time to do self-reflections – examine how we live our life thus far – be aware if we are still holding on to certain narratives in our minds, those “poor, poor me” stories of our ego. Because no matter how many times we do this, there is always something that needs to be released as we dive deeper and deeper into our own psyche.


Self-reflect. Objectively. Be aware of our own propensities and understand that all people suffer. Not just I – or you. Suffering isn’t personal to you – or me.


With that awareness, be willing to release ourselves from all these criticisms, judgments, negativities we created – in our mind. Like it or not, we are our own worst critic.

There is no point in carrying around this baggage. It takes space. It takes energy. It bleeds our soul and takes away the joy, peace, and sweetness from living our life.

New moons are for new beginnings. Set intentions and manifest what we wish to attract in our lives.

Aries is the start of a new astrological year. New year, fresh beginning. Time to start with a clean slate. Time to get ready to embrace what is coming.

Be aware. Be mindful. Make sure we only carry positive thoughts and do only kindness or none at all.

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