Kindness: The Perfect Alchemy

KINDNESS. A simple word that is beyond just being an idea or ideal. It speaks of volumes of indescribable feelings and thousands of gestures that can only be captured by our hearts. So simple yet exquisite. So high yet firmly grounded. Soft yet strong.


Priceless. Precious. Like a gem. It sparkles even in the darkest of nights. It shines even in the gloomiest of days.

Ethereal. Earthly. Like a butterfly that can cross over between this world and the next. All we need is a glimpse – a snapshot – of kindness and its memory imprints our soul for eternity.

Have you read (maybe watched) the story of Hachiko, the dog who always waits for his master, Professor Eizaburo Ueno, at the Shibuya Train Station – waited there even after the professor died? How about the story of Dindin, the penguin who would swim 5000 miles  to a beach in Brazil every year just to be reunited with his rescuer, Pereira de Souza, a part-time fisherman and retired bricklayer?

Not only animals. There are countless stories out there of humans who receive kindness from a stranger – and out of that kindness, hope and dream grew in their hearts and propelled them to strive to live and find their place under the sun – and actually succeed.


Whenever we witness or when we receive even the simplest gesture of kindness from someone, it touches our heart without end. It can take us by surprise in a very good way that we cannot help but to smile and feel warmth flooding our soul.

Just one simple gesture. Like a smile. A hello. A tap on the shoulder. A seat offered. A door opened. A food shared. A less-than-a-dollar gift. Someone remembering our special days – or someone genuinely asking “how are you?” – or someone who helps us when everyone turns his or her back from us.


Magical. It catches our attention without trying – and captures our heart.


Kindness is a perfect alchemy. It can change the most desolate place into a paradise – and melts the coldest of hearts. When this world of ours turns into something like the one in Elysium movie, kindness, I believe, will be the vital force that will bring it back to life.

It is something innate in human nature. Sometimes the environment and the circumstances change a person into somebody else but, always – always – a little show of kindness will bring the person back to a living soul.

It is not evil that can fight evil but kindness. It is something that multiplies a small gesture into multitudes. Like a miracle. Like life.

Just remember this simple thing. Start kindness with our self. When we are kind to our own soul, trust me, we have more than enough kindness to give and share the rest of the world.


Now, wouldn’t it be nice to be reminded of the marvel and novelty of kindness while sipping our cuppa?

If you agree (*wink* lol!) with me, then do check my new designs via Zazzle which I dubbed as The Kindness (a.k.a. Jody Doty) Mug Collection:


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In case you are wondering why I call them The Jody Doty Collection — well, it is because the quotation scrawled on each cup was authored by my friend, Jody Doty. She is an Intuitive, a Spiritual Counsellor, a Speaker and an Author. Her books are available at or you may like to check her Facebook pages here:

Be kind. Be kind. Be kind. Start with yourself and spread it wherever you may be…




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