The World You See Is The World You Create


One man’s garbage may be another man’s treasure, we heard from an old adage. Two people may live in the same street; one may see it as a haven where friends and family abound, the other one may see it as a reminder of all things and people he does not like. One may think life is what we make it; the other might think it is all up to fate.


See, it is not that life is easy for some people and difficult for us. It is not that some were dealt with better cards and we were handed with odd ones. The sense of whether we have enough or not – or the sense that we lack something – entirely lies in an individual’s perspective. Either we choose to be better or be bitter. That simple, yes. We create our own reality. If we want to see heaven, we will see heaven. If we want to see hell, we will see hell even in heaven.

When something unfortunate happens, we can focus on the misfortune – the problem, the complications, the pains. Or we can look for the silver lining – the blessing in disguise. Either way will not provide an immediate solution. However, our attitude towards a circumstance largely changes our feelings. Feeling light or heavy about our situation can spell a difference in finding a solution to the issue at hand.


Realize that pain is a necessity in life. It makes us alert. And, therefore, alive. Pain allows us to grow, to be creative. Many inventions were borne out of pain and inconvenience. Without the problem of how to cross over a body of water, people will not be able to build bridges. Without the problem of sending out messages, many telecommunication infrastructures will not be in place.

Perhaps, it will be easier for us if we understand that every human being suffers his or her existence. For every advantage we gain, we also get its corresponding disadvantage.


For example, if we acquire a lot of money, we now worry about either safeguarding it or growing it even more. If we don’t have money, we do not worry about losing money but we have to worry about earning it. Either way, a person is not free of worry. Nonetheless, whether to make money a point of worry or not is entirely up to us. If we practice gratitude and not think that we lack anything, we will not worry whether we have enough or not enough money. We simply make it work and leave the rest to the Almighty. For life, in the end, balances out everything. We do not leave everything up to fate; we only give it our best shot and accept whatever there is.


After all, we cannot insist for the sun to rise in the west and set in the east. In the same manner, we cannot ask for circumstances to adjust to our needs as well as mental and emotional readiness. Ready or not, when the music plays, we have to give it a go and dance the dance of life.

It may help to remember that life, this life – our life – is a loan. The people in our life as well as every privilege and blessing we enjoy are likewise loans. Not ours to keep. Only to be appreciated and cherished while there.


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