Be Grateful For Whoever Comes

A short memory is a good thing to have. I know it runs counter to our general belief; however, in some aspects of our life, a shorter memory serves a very good purpose.

That is something I learned this year. I cannot explain to you exactly what happened except that, one day, I woke up in the same body but, I felt a different person inside.

Many heartaches, many pains I kept inside were no longer there. They become some distant memories – something that happened probably in another lifetime (at least, it felt that way) – something that was no longer part of who I am.


A name may ring a bell in my head, a song may remind me of somebody, poetry may stir some phantom – but that’s just it. They don’t come with a tinge of sorrow, anymore. I remember the name, I remember the song, I remember the lines – but I do not remember the feelings that once connected with them.

Looking back, it seems so foolish now. I would probably shake my head and frown my brows at the way I acted and reacted before. “Foolish child,” she was that. Gladly, she eventually wise up and grew up. I love her more now than I loved her before.

People we meet in our journey are mirrors and textbooks – great for learning. Do not shy away from them. They all have messages for us. Just be open. Sometimes (or, should I say most of the time?), the lessons – in itself – are far more rewarding compared to the pains we suffered.


In the end, it is us who decide what we will make out of an encounter with another soul.


Some people come into our lives and awaken us to take a path we would not have considered had we not meet them. Such encounter, at times, lead us to important lessons that force us to take a hard look at our own self – force us to understand certain patterning habits we are not even aware of – force us to change. For the better.


Needless to say, people like that normally leave us a different soul than we were before. I believe meetings like that are some kind of soul contract that cannot be avoided. Written in the stars. To help us grow. Whether it will have happy ending or not is beside the point. The point is that there is a message that needs to be delivered – a lesson to be learned – and fate is sending us the right textbook.


However, we must be able to discern when the lesson has already been learned and it is time to let go. Some people are just meant for that and are not meant to stay. We have to be willing to set them free when the time is up.

Que sera, sera. What will be, will be. Release. Give it to the universe. If it is meant to be, it will be.

2 thoughts on “Be Grateful For Whoever Comes

    1. I snatched those images from free sites where attribution or credit is not required. However, I believe in using someone else’s art with respect and so I try as much not to clutter them with words. Your site is a nice one. Each article is like a cocktail.


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