Love In Its Own Time


Are you looking for love? Do you believe there is Mr. Right or Miss Right out there – exactly like you – running in the same wavelength as yours – waiting, just like you, to find somebody that will give the love he or she needs? A perfect soulmate. Someone who completes you. One who can guess what is on your mind without you having to express it.

Forgive me for my irreverence but that is just an awful lot of wishful thinking.


It confuses me no end why many people cannot understand this simple thing – the fact that it is not fair to expect another person to provide for our emotional nourishment, our happiness and contentment.

We cannot forever hold our breath – waiting for that happiness to come in the form of another human being. Suppose that person does not arrive, would you then die miserably unhappy and discontented?

Many people think that love means romance. It is not. It is what we already are. That is where we all came from. Love. So, we need not find what we are. We just need to reconnect with it. Feel it. Soak in it. And bask in its colors and glory.


Now, it is a different matter if, by love, you meant someone you can annoy for the rest of your life – somebody to share with the happiness you already feel inside – a person whose hand you can hold when you feel like doing so. That one is your mirror, the reflection of your own soul. And that one you cannot find unless you are whole, complete on your own.


LOVE IN ITS OWN TIME is a piece written by a poet-friend, George Colburn. I borrowed it because I find it cute and funny. Imagine finding love under the oranges in a grocery store! Must be a store merchandiser, I suppose. Well, it is not a good thing if he/she appears while we are staring at the sun. Because that will surely block the view and mess up the first chance. Even Diogenes, The Philosopher from Sinope, asked Alexander the Great to step aside when he blocked the sun. Unless, of course, he/she comes with a cup of good coffee and fresh doughnuts then a reconsideration is in order. Lol!

Do not take that seriously and simply enjoy the poem.


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