Why Worship By The Light Of One Candle When You Can Have The Sun?


No matter how many times our eyes behold it, the sun does not seem the same. There is always a sense of newness to it every day it rises to brighten our world. Maybe it is the clouds that surround it – maybe it is the flock of birds – maybe it is the intensity of the light it gives out – maybe the difference only exists in my mind. Who knows really?



The only thing I know is that it is nearly impossible to look at the Divine Sun without feeling it is too gorgeous, too beautiful for me not to fall in love with and see it with new eyes each time. And that, my beloved souls, is a magical experience by itself.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can look at our loved ones and find them as mysterious as ever – as unique and constantly changing like the morning sky and be completely spellbound and turned into a hopeless captive by that fact?




Wouldn’t it be amusing if every day we can notice a thing or two from them that can bring a smile that lights up our face or a giggle that can jiggle our bellies with joy?




Wouldn’t it be amazing if each day we can find a reason why we are so goddamn lucky to have them in our lives – that we can bask in their company and share with them our moments here on earth?


Wouldn’t it be magical if we can learn to fall in love every single day with the same people – every day forgetting their flaws of yesterday – and just seeing them, again and again, with a new set of eyes – somebody whose heart and soul we are yet to discover?



Ahhhhh. Am I romanticizing it? Or had I just behold the beauty of the sun and its newness that drove my heart to be once again inspired by the awesomeness of life?


I do not know. All I can say is that I am feeling loved and that love is within.


“Who wants to worship by the light of one candle when you can have the sun?”          ~Jiddu Krishnamurti~



All photographs belong to the gypsy who loves the sun hopelessly 😛 It is one of several reasons I remain happy and peaceful despite this long ordeal we are collectively going through since 2020.

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