1000 & 1 Reasons To Love Life

I really do not know if I am just a plain old crazy gypsy but there are more than one thousand and one reasons to love life – to find love in and for life. And many of those reasons are free and available. Don’t you think so?


For example, the sun. Can we glimpse at the sun and not feel anything? Try sometime and watch a sunrise. Be patient and wait from the moment it peeks from the horizon – its slow rising while brightening the world around. The farther it appears to climb up the sky, the deeper, brighter, and livelier its light intensifies. Do you not feel the sensation in your body that is being pulled towards its beauty? Do you not feel the joy in your chest? Do you not feel the gratitude in your soul knowing that it is by that magnificent sun that life becomes possible? Aren’t you even in awe of the fact that it did not ask anything in return for that blessing we all enjoy?


How about your own body? Aren’t you amazed how it runs efficiently without you doing or contributing anything? Don’t you appreciate the fact that you can stand up, walk on your two feet, use your two hands – or that you have the facility to see, hear, smell, taste and touch? And that you can actually think?


How about the little miracles that unfold before our eyes every single day? A meteor falling in the sky that induce you to whisper a wish. A flower that blooms. A bee that ensures the continuity of plant life. The water droplets that evaporate up into the air, form into clouds and later turn into rain. The sound of the rain falling. The ground that seems to breathe with life as the morning come alive. How is it possible to miss it?


How about the warmth and friendship we enjoy? Or the simple and random kindness of a stranger? Or the pealing laughter of a child still unaware of the cruelty and hardship that life may bring? Or the care and love we receive from someone?


How about the cup of hot coffee? Or the feel of a real book in your hands? Or that song that is playing in your head and buoys your spirit?


How about that undying fire inside your own soul that pushes you, encourages you, inspires you to rise every time you fall down?


As I said, there are more than one thousand and one ways to love life and find love in and for life. Just be like Majnun. See life through the eyes of love – see life with the eyes of a star-crossed lover – and you will always find the beauty that hides in plain sight.


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