Let Kindness Catch Fire


Kindness is a life-changer…

Autumn. A name behind a Tarsier’s face. I met her in a mental health group founded by Matt Pollock, an expat writer and friend from FB. She is one of many young people struggling with the challenge of the culture and society where god stands for competition and winning – where success means the label they advertised on billboards and mainstream media. She was looking for someone who can help with her school works – and, most likely, an ear who can listen. In her, I saw a teenager that once resembled myself – lost, insecure, with a ray of promise of something good within, if properly guided.

I took the chance and answered the call. Why not? I have time to spare.

So, it began. However, the lack of moral support from her immediate environment was still eating her up. And one day, she stopped showing up. I shook my head, sighed and let it go. God bless her soul, I said.

Few days back, I received a message of thanks and a picture. She made it to the Dean’s List with a GWA of 1.68. And I cried. Out of joy for her triumph.

Indeed, even the smallest drop of kindness can transform into something beautiful.

Kindness is like a butterfly…wherever it lands, it captivates and lifts our spirits.

Jody Doty. A kindred soul (as mentioned in a previous post, she is an Intuitive, a Spiritual Counsellor, a Speaker and an Author). At a glance, what will strike anybody is her smile and the twinkle in her eyes. She has that aura of hope. She would share another writer’s work, without strings attached, to her large following.

Jody is used to me asking permission to borrow some of her works and she would let me use it; again, without strings attached. One of her works was the “Kindness Quote” – a favorite of mine. The same one I used for the Jody Mug of Kindness Collection. I only wanted to use it – the same way I would use a quote from Rumi, Gibran, et al – simply because I love its message.


I was glad enough that she did not hesitate to say yes. Yet, I was totally flabbergasted when she even went on promoting my Zazzle product among her friends and followers. I was like: “Isn’t that one of the kindest things that happened to me?”


I looked at the mug – the Jody Mug of Kindness – and thought: “It should be able to stand by its name. Why call it a mug of kindness if it cannot do something kind?”


I knew kindness when I saw one – and it touched me profoundly when I happened to be the receiver of such a gift. And that is how we started our little soul project.


The little soul project means we pledged to donate all the amount I will earn from its royalty fee to an organization of her choosing. A sort of pay-it-forward thing. I give kindness. I receive kindness. It is time to let the ball keep on rolling as it should.


Even a single ember can kindle a fire. Just a single thing. Just a simple gesture may catch some vigor and create a wildfire of miracle. Who cares? Just plant the seed and let it be. That is the hope of THE JODY MUG OF KINDNESS. Nothing big. Nothing grandiose. Two ordinary bandits dreaming of bringing a ray of warmth, a ray of hope, to the hungry to make it to the next day.


Every time you make a purchase from this collection, its royalty earnings shall be earmarked to fuel our tiny soul project. Jody and Pixie will donate the proceeds to support the effort of a group or individual who devote their time to keeping humanity alive in humans.

We hope you will help us in this little gesture to keep the kindness alive in our souls. Like love, it multiplies by itself when shared.

If you want to be a part of this minute effort and would like to put your order, please check this link: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/the_jody_mug_of_kindness-119059773301425919

No act of kindness ever goes to waste. See yah!



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