Undo The Hurt


Is it possible to undo our brokenness? Is it possible to conquer it the way we conquer our fear? Is it necessary? Or is it perfectly okay to leave wounds as they are?

I guess, this is one of those things wherein there is no right or wrong answer.

On one hand, don’t we need brokenness in order for the light to enter our heart? Without our heart being broken, how can we know our humanity? How can we learn compassion without first learning that it is not kind to hurt another human being?


On the other hand, isn’t the only reason we get hurt is because we have this image (the things and concepts we associate with a person or thing) in our head about our self? Ergo, without that image, how can we get hurt?

I believe it is a necessity to experience our humanity. One, because there is no way of avoiding it. We live in this world. And this world has been the same world since time immemorial. We still deal with the same self-centered humans who have forgotten their true nature and, therefore, still act as if their lives are continuously threatened and need to be defended or protected.

Two, we have to make the hero’s journey, don’t we? For our growth and evolution. To know ourselves better – how far we can go, how much we can bear, how much we can give and bleed. Because a hero needs to face adversities like going on long journeys where he has to suffer harsh weathers and hunger, fight dragons and monsters, outwit sorcerers and use his intelligence to figure a way out of the maze. For what, you might ask? I do not know if it is proper to call it bragging rights but a triumphant hero returns with a sense of confidence and the knowing that he can transcend his limit when pushed to the edge. And after that, he will continue to go on living and making further journeys armed now with the ability to trust and surrender to Divine Providence or Higher Source or God or whatever you want to call it.

I think that only after this stage can we achieve maturity and courage to look deeper at our old wounds and hurts. Air them out. Inspect them. Look at them. Understand them. See if there is a point in keeping them inside.

See, we all identify with an image of our own self. Loser or winner, poor or rich, smart or dull, pretty or ugly, kind or cruel, educated or illiterate – those are “labels” we attach to our own person and “think” we are that. When somebody attacks that image, we get hurt. And that hurt wounds our soul. We may carry it through all the days of our lives without being conscious of it – without knowing that the way we react to circumstances and people actually has its roots in those wounds and hurts we may have forgotten.


If we live for a few decades, that would be a lot of accumulated wounds – slights or insults or humiliations we suffered from childhood up to adulthood. Frankly speaking, while writing this, I can no longer decide whether those sad experiences were good or bad for me. After all, if I do take away or erase one from my life, I may not end up the same person that I am now. And I have fallen in love with the soul that I turned out to be. So, in introspection, the people and the circumstances that hurt me before – made me resentful for some time – actually, in the long process, helped to make me stronger and braver, maybe wiser, too. In the end, I am grateful to them, for them.

However, at this ripe age, I believe it is high time to undo the hurts – and set my soul free. It is true that our brokenness makes our soul beautiful because we learned how to be human – we learned how to be soft and kind – we learned to be warm and loving. Still, if we can transcend that and undo the wounds, why not?


And the only way to do that is to acknowledge its existence – unearth them from the deepest crevices of our soul and bring them out to light.

For example, I have this image in my head that being poor makes our position in life uncertain, shaky and susceptible to pressures from people and circumstances in our environment. Yet, I found out that one can be poor and still not limit my capacity to put up boundaries and assert my own voice. My financial standing does not affect my integrity nor my intellectual ability much less my sense of spirituality. Nonetheless, I have to see it for what it is in order for me to be free of it.

That goes the same with other unfortunate or traumatic circumstances we went through. We have to see that it is no longer part of us – it is no longer us – that we survived that part of our existence – that we are still here, alive, standing, breathing after all that we had been through – and so, it is time to let it all go. Undo the wounds. Undo the hurts. Undo the brokenness. Because we have been made whole after being wounded, after being hurt, after being broken.


We have to let it all go because we are now a new person, a new soul. Better. Lovelier. Stronger. Braver. Wiser.

No use holding on to the past. It is too heavy a burden to carry around – impossible to fly with all that load. We have to be free of it so we can go on in life lighter and faster.


One thought on “Undo The Hurt

  1. Awesome, there is a method to what nature does. It cleanes the world to make things better.

    PS glad you are back – missed you!!!!


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