Quote Challenge – Day 1: Don’t Quit on Love

Several days back, when I opened my FB the first thing that I saw on the newsfeed was Carol Taylor’s “Quote Challenge Day Two…Age…Doc A, Lisasworld and A Girl Who Would be a Pixie”. She is one of the special people I befriended while still in Niume. I am one of her big fans. This funny, witty English lady does not just write recipes; but, would give you trivia about some of the ingredients she used in such a recipe. And that is the reason why I love reading her posts.

If you are interested to see for yourself, head on to her website – “Retired? No One Told Me!” via https://blondieaka.wordpress.com/ and her new self-hosted baby, https://myhealthyretirement.com/.

Anyway, back to the Quote Challenge…So, I saw the word “pixie” and thought “hmmm…?” and proceeded to open the link and voila! I found out she nominated me in this challenge along with our friend, Scott “Doc” Andersen (another special person from Niume whose posts help me in understanding some techy issues and you can follow him via https://scottoandersen.wordpress.com/ or Virily.com where he penned under the name, DocAndersen).

Carol’s presentation of her challenge (see https://blondieaka.wordpress.com/2017/11/02/quote-challenge-day-two-age-doc-a-lisasworld-and-a-girl-who-would-be-a-pixie/) were all done in humorous manner superbly that I will not even try to dare her style lest I might fail miserably. Hence, today, instead of being The Pesky Pixie, I will try to be the Angelic Witch (ahem! ahem!…and cough some more) that I am when I am sound asleep. So, here goes my favorite Quote Number 1:


For ages, people are conditioned and taught how to guard their hearts…how to be not vulnerable because vulnerability is seen as weakness…and weakness is something totally and absolutely intolerable and unacceptable where ego is concerned. However, we DO have to break our hearts according to Rumi because “the wound is the place where the Light enters you”. Do not be afraid to love. Do not be afraid to be wounded. The Heart can teach us a million wisdom we will never know if we only use our brain.

Quote Number 2 would be:


Unconditional love – is something I am intimidated to talk about. On the cerebral level, I can discuss this ideal just like any other person. However, I mostly walk the talk, and I have to confess my logic, many times, is at odds with the truest sense of loving unconditionally. For majority of us, when we give love, we expect something in return – either in the form of reciprocation or in the form of respect. Yet, love gives nothing but itself, and takes nothing but from itself. If only humans can learn this art, then we wouldn’t have to wait to be in heaven as it is already heaven by itself. But, hey, it is not too late to learn and practice, isn’t it so?

Quote Number 3 is actually not a quote but my most favorite poem, next to Desiderata, written by John Greenleaf Whittier:


Decades ago, I had a copy of this poem on top of my office desk. I had three siblings studying all at the same time in university. My wallet was a sorry affair for years and years. I wanted things; I had dreams of my own; all of it I had to let go and prioritize. Did I regret a thing? Would I change a thing? Given an opportunity to go back, I will pick the same road I took – that path taught me strength, courage, responsibility, commitment, tolerance and tough yet unconditional love. Ever wondered where all that feistiness come from? Years of self-discipline and that poem helped me through.

So, those are my first three (3) quotes for Day 1…watch out for my next three (3) on Wednesday.

In the meantime, it is customary to nominate three other bloggers to pick up the challenge. Knowing how busy you are, I will not be offended if you cannot participate; but, it is an excuse to give your latest post a plug, anyway.

Number 1 goes to Pao Acielo de Chavez of https://www.facebook.com/dearpaodechavez/. She’s an AB Psych-Writer-Teacher-Artist and a lover of music, dance and food who is based in Guam, USA. Why, Pao? Because, damn, this lady matches my feistiness that we just clicked. She is an Aquarian and people may misunderstood them a lot but to Leos, they are the best buddies to have. We can always go like one-for-one.

Number 2 goes to Karla Mae Cruzado of https://www.facebook.com/thewiselark/. Why not, coconut? This young woman is battling a challenge who may not be easy to manage for me and you. Yet, in God’s grace, she stands up and goes through life every single day. I always remind her one thing: “You are a Leo – no matter what life throws at you, you always rise the next day. Be strong, sweetie, because if fate dealt you with a tough card that means YOU CAN DO IT.”

And, Number 3, would be, of course, the “Patron Saint of Bloggers”Doc Roel Umali Hernandez of https://www.facebook.com/theuglywriters/ who is also the creator and founder of The Bloggers Masterclass https://www.facebook.com/groups/701201796748609/. Doc is actually a university professor and blogging is his passion. He is, hands-down, the kindest soul I ever met in blogosphere. He is always ready to help bloggers, regardless of color and creed, in whatever capacity – technical, promotional down to writing tips and moral support. I admire this guy for that selflessness…and, uhm, for tolerating my peskiness. Lol!

That is all for today, folks! My appreciation and gratitude to Carol Taylor (mwah! love you to the bits and I do wish you are my neighbor so I can just get a bite of your super-duper yummy and healthy creations…is the farmwork still open for me? I can babysit your turkeys you know lol!) for the nomination. Blogosphere will not be the same without people like her. Follow her blogs – she always give her full support to fellow bloggers and writers and is such a sweet friend – add, sassy – to have.


12 thoughts on “Quote Challenge – Day 1: Don’t Quit on Love

  1. Your quote number 2 has been one of my quotes since I joined FB. I dont know if it shows on my profile, but somewhere there, you’ll find it (About or anywhere else…)


    1. I have 5 favorite Kahlil Gibran’s quotes about love, marriage, joy&sorrow, reason&passion and the one about children. I used 4 of which in different articles I have written. Love is sufficient unto love. True but dang, hardest lesson ever!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol @ head hurts! I realized I have no trouble with unconditional love where family is concerned…outside of that, my logic and heart are always at odds (like, can one humanly love unconditionally without expecting for, at the very least, respect?). It is true that there is no TRUEST GOD than LOVE itself. Because it is almost impossible for mortals to love with all abandon. I wanted so much to be able to tackle the topic of love deeply one of these days.


  2. I wish I lived next door to you and you could be my taste tester and also my partner in crime or whatever…I love that you hold me in such high esteem and not sure that I deserve such praise …I am human with all the faults and frailties I can be as stubborn as a mule at times … Thak you for taking up my challenge…I think you are an amazing lady and I am so pleased I met you on Niume… Much love and hugs x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the idea of a partner in crime…two wicked ladies sowing terror in the orient hahaha! (No worries, folks, we will only sow “good feel” kinds of terror with both mine and Carol’s hearts.) All of us are no perfect creatures – I have my own flaws that I unfortunately love just the same and one of those is my stubborn head. Hahaha! The world will be boring if we all agree. I agree on amazing lady for why not, coconut? Hahaha! I’m kidding, really.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I so love your banter it matches mine and one day we will meet … Oh what fun will be had…I have never been perfect and don’t claim to be Stubborn, opinionated ( very) and with a good heart…Hugs x

        Liked by 2 people

    1. THANK YOUUUUUU for the reblog…of course, you deserved it. I don’t give compliments. I make observations…and those are my observation of Carol Taylor. Seriously. I will visit your site and do my reading but will be away next week (swimming with whale sharks, yay!) and will catch up again after that. Luvyah, English Lady!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is wonderful. Great job. I love all three of them. The first one is very interesting. I never thought of it in that way.


    1. In the past, I never thought it that way also…but it is true a heart without a scar will never learn how to appreciate the depth of love. Thanks Adel for accepting the challenge…I do not like to put Carol’s effort to waste but at the same time I want to feature writers/bloggers that I truly like.


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