MEDITATION — is some feeling-thought I penned after a very good meditation this morning. How does one determines if a meditation is good or not good? Well, when I have a good one, it would feel like I close my eyes and then everything else is forgotten. It is like going to sleep but not really asleep.

When I am communing with silence, all I feel is serenity and bliss. And with my eyes closed, the world turns into a vast, infinite space without anyone but ONE. No world. No time. It is as if the earth stops existing and that life is simply and absolutely perfect. No worries. No fear. Nothing.

Coming back to “reality” by opening my eyes, I see the “world” once again — but I feel a lingering sense of peace and joy (not something exciting to make me jump up and down, but plain and simple kind of joy) that goes on for several minutes. That sense keeps me anchored to the ground. And that is when I will know that I have a good meditation – not even noticing the 40 minutes I sit in silence.

A bad meditation is when my mind keeps astray with thoughts and thoughts — and when I notice every sound I hear even with my eyes closed. There are days like that. There will always be days like that. Life is a cycle of positive and negative — and that pattern is true even in meditation. Still, one has to continue with the practice and let life flows. That is the secret.

5 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. I always think I can’t meditate because I often find it hard to keep the mind silent and unclouded for any period of time. I know that would improve if I practiced more, but I love your reasoning around the natural cycle of positive and negative in life. And I agree, I think it applies to all aspects of our lives, but had not really thought about it so clearly before, if that makes sense.

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    1. I used to have trouble with meditation. I still have some trouble with it some days even at this time. But the trick is to continue — pretty much like loving hahaha — you love regardless when it is good or bad days. The initial stage, I feel, you only have to focus on the breathing. Thoughts always come — grab it by acknowledging it then reminding yourself to focus on the breathe again. After few months, you will get the hang of it. But yes, expect the cycle of high and low. And if you need a friend, do not be shy to talk. I always listen.

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      1. Thank you for your tips 🙂 Yes, I was told to acknowledge the thought then let it go. It’s like a parade of them sometimes lol. They’re not always negative thoughts, just streaming! I do find I sleep better even if I have a not so focused meditation before bed, coming back to focusing on my breathing and going over my body relaxing muscles. I must get back into the habit.
        Oh thank you, your offer is lovely of you. It goes the other way too 🙂

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