Faith and Religion

All religious people have faith; but not all people with faith have religions. Agree or disagree?


What turns me away from religion is the fact that while all religions claim to be founded in love and for love, the people in it, more often than not, fail to practice inclusiveness and worse, preach against inclusiveness.

For example, every religion teaches us that it is the only right way – the only path to the truth or God – to the exclusion of the rest.

Another example is the dogma teaching that God created only man and woman and, therefore, to be otherwise is not acceptable.

Love is blind to gender, creed and color. Love is freedom (that freedom always comes with responsibility in case we forget) to be whatever we want to be. Anything or anyone that says we cannot be whatever we want to be is not love. Being a man or a woman or otherwise makes no difference. The same way it does not matter if one is a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian or what-not. At the heart of the matter, we are all the same – humans. The individual’s religious or sexual preference is not a factor determinant of his or her character. There are bad apples everywhere. And religious institutions are not exempted from that. Just saying.


That said, having no religion does not make one a non-believer. Sometimes, people prefer to have personal relationships with their God – however and whatever they perceive this God to be – however and whatever they deem to call this Source.


Personally I believe in a God that is all-pervading, placeless, traceless, the breath that lives this body, the life that manifests in everything and everyone and therefore, inclusive. Unknowable. Unfathomable. Infinite. Eternal. Unchanging. And yes, I believe there must be a Great Source – the One and All – that caused the Creation. I call it God. I call it Consciousness. I call it The One. I call it The Radiant Light. I call it Love. All the same – – – my life rests in Its Hands.


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