A Heart That Never Gets Old


A person may be 20, 30 or a hundred. It does not matter. Aging chronologically is an inevitable thing – a privilege denied to many and, therefore, a gift that one must certainly appreciate. However, to feel that age as if it is some kind of burden – or as if it is a reminder that our time is near – is entirely up to us.

Let me borrow the words of James Abram Garfield: “If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should never grow old.”


Life IS hard. But our attitude towards life spells the difference – and that attitude can either make life better or harder.


When life gets tough, for most people the easiest way is to wish they could disappear. In the past, I had the same mindset. However, just because we wished does not mean it will be – does not mean we will actually disappear. And if it is not going to happen, what is the point of wishing?

Again and again, I will say, the trick is to surrender and embrace whatever life gifts us. The acceptance of our suffering is the alchemy that changes our heart and soul. It is not an easy thing, I agree. But neither is agonizing. If both cause pain, then I will go for acceptance instead of resistance.

Slowly, by doing that, we get closer to our true nature – our authentic self that is defined by love – and by that, joy.

By acceptance, we let go – we forget our mistakes (and the mistakes of others) and forgive ourselves (and others, too) – and see our own soul from a different point. That person inside we often ignore and neglect has many wonderful things about him or her that we will discover if only we take the time to.

Life is too short. Let us not waste it anymore. 


So, there. If you can, try and let the happy rule your life. Cheer up, smile. Not because life is a bowl of cherries – but because we have to show life that we will go down, yes – yet, we will go down brave and joyfully because we fought a worthwhile battle.


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