The Promise Of New Beginning


I was in a big house holding a standard white pillow. There were people with me in the living room where it was dark although I could see their faces. Among them, I saw my former boss (with whom I enjoyed a very good relationship) who already passed away as well as a former work colleague and friend (who died on May 14th after I saw him on the night of May13th in the dream). We were gathered there because, apparently, everybody else is moving to a new house except me. I will be left alone and I was kind of sad. Then, we all go out to the foyer area that opens to a garden to say goodbye. It was there I saw a dozen dogs of different breeds and colors – they will be my company. Suddenly, a medium-sized (past the baby stage but not quite adult yet) gray elephant bounded past us towards the gate and back where he headed to an out-building which I noticed is erected beside the house I live in. He remained there inside but visible from where I was standing. Then, I noticed a yellow duckling near a palm tree which I scooped up so that the elephant would not trampled down on her when he came back. And I woke up.

An Elephant. About a dozen dogs. A duckling. A pillow. In a big house with a garden and an out-building. With two people I personally knew: one dead, one about to die.

Elephant, I read, in Jung’s point-of-view is a symbol of SELF. In the Eastern faith, Ganesha (the Hindu deity with an elephant head), the son of god Shiva and goddess Parvati, is the god of beginnings who protects the divine secret from unripe minds. He was given dominion over all classes of beings. He is the destroyer of obstacles and clears the path to wealth, health and prosperity. As such, an elephant embodies wisdom, strength and good luck.


Duckling represents happiness and joy. Once it matures into a duck, it symbolizes balance, vigilance, intuition, clarity, self-expression, grace and strength. It lives both in land (grounding, stability) and in water (emotions) – can walk, can swim, can fly – adaptable. Its smooth, oil-coated feathers repel water – it can allow toxicity to slip away.


Dogs represent unconditional love, loyalty, protection and truthfulness to self.

And pillow, as we all know, means comfort – the conviction that we are safe and protected.


I believe what the dream was telling me is that I have been blessed with a new beginning – which, like a duckling, I must nurture in order for it to achieve its maturation. I may be alone but I was left in the company of man’s best friends; and, therefore, I am assured of unconditional love, loyalty and protection. Like a duck, I must float in life freely, letting go of the toxic past and thoughts, and trusting that Life will always take care of me – I must not be afraid and have confidence in my destiny.


When I meditated carrying this certainty with me – and when I felt the peaceful harmony between my heart and gut, all my worries slipped away. I am no longer afraid of living.



2 thoughts on “The Promise Of New Beginning

    1. I am, actually, just rambling about my dream. The fact that my friend actually died after telling me, in the dream, that he is going to move to a new house still amazes me. And in reality, I still puzzle what aspect of me he symbolizes in my dreams because I always dream of him.


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